It’s official! I am thrilled to share the news that our book, Fighting Time, is going to become a feature length documentary. It’s exciting to think about our story of friendship, healing, and hope reaching a broader audience through film.

The documentary is in development with Pixela Pictura Films. Pixela Pictura is an Emmy-nominated and award winning creative studio, creating meaningful connections through storytelling. They encourage audience to seek understanding and find unexpected similarities in our increasingly divided world.

I can’t think of a better storytelling team to join Isaac and I in our continuing journey to educate people about the impact that wrongful convictions can have on both the wrongfully convicted and a victim’s family.

Pixela Pictura’s work has been seen on ESPN, ABC, PBS, at the Sundance Film Festival, and more. We know that this team of personal and intentional storytellers will bring our story to life in an engaging and powerful way. 

Stay tuned for updates.